Wishing it wasn’t just a dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

I’ve been running with Ashley on my shoulder for miles… I’m sure it’s been miles. I can’t let them take her. I look back and see nothing of the places I’ve been running from, nothing of the noises that were chasing me. I only see three doors. Each of them is a door from a home in my life. Each of them has an ornate carving around the door’s handle. None of them were there before.

I stop.

Ashley cries. Her hair is wild and swirling in the wind. She looks at me and whimpers, “I want to go back.”

I set her down. Even though she is just a small baby, she runs upright to the doors. I think nothing of this oddity, and I follow her.

“Pick one! Pick one! I want to go back!” She is squirming frantically. I want to sooth her. I reach to pick her up and hold her, but she has vanished. My baby is gone. I panic.

Is she behind one of these doors? I feel this aching sensation in my stomach.

I just want to find her. 

I hear her cry from behind the doors. But which door? I can’t make out the location. I lean in towards each one. Her sounds fade as I place my ear upon the cold hard surface of the first two doors.

It’s the third door that speaks to me, “In here.” The voice sounds familiar but I can’t place it. It comes from a face that I can see, but it slowly fades away, along with her cries. It scares me.

I step back.

I’ve never been good with choices. I know I’m running out of time though, and I must decide or Ashley will disappear forever. I close my eyes and reach for the third door and turn the handle.

When I open my eyes I am in a hospital bed.

“Where’d ya go?” My husband smiles softly? “You ok?” He puts his hand on my leg. I search his eyes, and he knows my question. “She didn’t make it sweetie. We lost her.”

I turn my head towards the hospital room doorway. I look for one of the other doors to try again, but I only see a curtain covering the entrance to my room.  I don’t know why I thought the three doors would be there anyway. I close my eyes… hoping to go back to sleep, hoping that I will see her again.

When I open them, she is there. Waving at me from the doorway. She’s smiling and shining like a brilliant star. She runs to my bed.

“See you soon Mommy.” She touches my cheek and turns to leave. As I reach out to hold her, she is hovering above my bed. The bluest of skies fills my room. There are no wings, no halos, she is just there…above me. She turns to look to her side and a warm ray of light flows from behind her onto my face. I feel peaceful. I feel so at ease, I jump to meet her but she floats a way. I run towards her, realizing that I’m running miles above the earth, over a field of green grass. Every step I take touches the ground, then I bound back into the clouds. Before I know it, she is far from me and I am soaring through space. Searching for the doors, searching for her.

The further she gets the harder it is to stay in the sky. I struggle to stay above the earth. Before I know it, I make a rather bumpy landing  and find myself laying on the ground.

I roll over.

Sadly doing so wakes me from my sleep…I sigh and wonder if I will ever choose the right door.


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