Photo: Jack's fish and chips. Yummay!!!

My dad lives pretty far away. Unfortunately, he comes to visit less often that he used to (sadly fighting cancer is expensive…). When he does come to see me, we always go to Seattle, and take a trip to the waterfront for his favorite; Ivar’s. Ivar’s isn’t really my favorite, but I do things I wouldn’t usually do for my dad (like hiking, even though I’m terrified of bears).

Anyway, during his last visit, one of his friends insisted he try the Halibut Fish and Chips at a little fish market outside of Pikes Place Market… instead of Ivar’s. Since his friend has the nickname “Halibut”, for his amazing seafood cooking abilities, my dad broke tradition and tried his friends suggestion (without me unfortunately). He was impressed and insisted we go there from now own (bye-bye Ivar’s!).

Up until last week I had forgotten about this taste bud twist of fate. My dad had another scan for cancer this past week, so I decided to do something he loves; I went to Seattle. Our original plan was to eat at Beecher’s (who doesn’t love hot Mac and Cheese on a chilly day in Seattle?), but it was closed for repairs (!). Thankfully, my husband remembered the little fish market story…with the Halibut Fish and Chips that my dad loved so much. After some searching, we found the spot. Happy to say that a new tradition is born!
I love you Dad

Photo: Love it here- having a little fish and chips before I go!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

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