Walking in the Light

I love to write. At times it is an out-of-body experience that I am driven to do, unable to rest until I do. Sometimes the light switch within me is on, and I can see my way. I am able to do the things I wanted to do with my words. Capture the feelings I hoped to share. That light is on as I type these words…

I am “enlightened” .

The Dictionary defines enlighten as: to give intellectual or spiritual light

With most everything in life there is an opposite force; good and bad, happy or sad, up or down, and yes… light and dark. Eventually I find myself in the dark…the switch is turned off. I find myself fumbling around looking for direction, afraid of where I might be…lost. I hate it when the light is off. There is a constant battle with this light and conservation is necessary. No person can walk in the light at all times. It would drain them. Just as a lightbulb eventually burns out.

Even the glow of the sun must leave us at the end of a day.

Curse the sun

As it gently fades each day

For each passing

Takes you further away

I never wanted you to go

Wasted days I long to repeat

I never meant to hurt you

How I miss your voice so sweet

Return to me

It is said that, “That which is done in the darkness, will be brought into the light” reminding me that even though I am in the dark at times…those moments will return to me. I will draw upon them.

I will  be “enlightened”.


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