Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

I go to the movies to escape my mundane, and occasionally stressful, life. It’s a mental vacation. For those two hours I don’t have to think about my job, my bills, my kids. I get in early, find my spot, kick my feet up, grab my cell phone to play “Words with Friends”, and I let out a sigh…

Ahhhhhhh….(this is nice).

Wait a minute…

Is that a couple with a baby car seat walking in?


Ok, if I were actually on my vacation; my drink with the tiny umbrella would have given me food poisoning, my sun-kissed skin would have just had raindrops land upon it, my bed that my lazy head rests upon would have a bedbugs on it. In essence: my vacation would be ruined.


Because if there is one thing you can count on…babies will unexpectedly cry. Nobody can predict a babies behavior.


I know this. I’ve been the mom on the plane with her toddler that wouldn’t stay in her seat during take off because she unexpectedly wanted to sit someplace else, and began to scream and cry and unbuckle her seatbelt and bolt into the aisle.

I’ve also been the person who missed parts of a movie because another moviegoer brought their baby in the theater…and it decided to cry (repeatedly).

Vacation ruined.

Which is why I took my babies to the drive ins…I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s mental vacation. Not in today’s times – that may very well be the only vacation someone gets in today’s recession!

Do us all a favor… leave the kids at home.


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