“Can’t we all just get along?”…Presidential Elections and Your Marriage

There was a time, not so long ago, when my husband and I shared the same political views. It was always a comfort to me, since I rarely speak my views in public. I think public expression of political opinions tend to end badly, so I would much rather watch others go at it. These days though, my hubby and I stand divided.

As the 2012 Elections drew closer,  my hubby began to tell me that I needed to start paying attention to what was going on in the world. He assumed that because I wasn’t engaging in political conversations with him, that I had no idea what went on around me. Poor misguided man. I knew, I just didn’t care to engage in a debate. He would go on and on, with a fury, about the issues, the needs, and the “statistics” while I would sit and listen in awe,  “Who was this man? What did he do with MY man?”.

Here are a few things one must learn to keep the peace with your significant other (I’m limiting it to 5 things, but in all honestly there are many more)~

  1. there is no changing their minds (you must let that one go right off the bat)
  2. stay quiet during televised debates or the news (maybe have a glass of wine)
  3. it is ok to ask where they got their information from (watching them search for it can be amusing and lift your spirits)
  4. the best place to discuss politics is in a restaurant (they can’t yell at you or walk out!)
  5. NEVER make fun of their candidate while they are nearby (leave this to SNL)

Last night’s vice presidential debate wasn’t too bad for us, although it was hard not to comment during it …even for Joe Biden! But, I must admit to a cautionary note when it comes to #2 of my list… drinking wine during a debate can also put you in a position to forget your stance on keeping the peace, and you may find yourself willing to discuss topics  you vowed (to yourself) not to discuss. YIKES! Before you know it a difference of opinion begins to emerge and the gloves are on. So how can I say it wasn’t too bad? As I was mentally lacing up my gloves for a fight, my hubby would say something along the lines of “Ok, I see what you mean” and that was that.  I was left with nothing to further debate! After several times of hearing this, I realized what he was doing-he was trying to keep the peace!

Sometimes it isn’t about changing the view of those we love, it’s about  allowing them to have their views.

If you and your partner aren’t at this point, remember; this too shall pass! The presidential elections only occur every 4 years!


2 thoughts on ““Can’t we all just get along?”…Presidential Elections and Your Marriage

  1. You have a refreshing attitude. Your marriage is more important than who either of you choose to vote for. My wife and I have almost identical political views, but different religious views. We go through a similar dance of acceptance and compassion.

  2. Thank you Invisibile Mikey. We’ve had opposing religous views as well. I suppose we have to pay attention to the melodies, and stay with the beat!

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